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2018 Fall Decor Trends

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Social media is now a buzz with the start of fall! Everywhere I look I’m catching glimpses of pumpkins, cozy textiles, and deeper hues. Except in Fl where I live. Here we’re all still wearing flip flops and tank tops, and trying not to drown in the afternoon summer thunderstorms that happen EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Since the beginning of the new season is around the corner for just about everyone else, I thought I’d share a few trends that are here for the cooler weather. Yay for you lol!

Black and white. If you love this combo you’ll be happy to know it’s big this year. You can go bold by adding a piece of furniture like this chest of drawers, or keep it subtle with some patterned pillows on your sofa or bed. What I love about the combo is that it works well with just about any color including the ones I’m sharing below.

Deep hues. Rich colors like purple, gold, and navy are still in, along with everyone’s favorite: blush. If you're brave, darken your walls. But if you like to play it safe like me, just add some touches that can easily be switched out in the spring.

Artisan Wares. Personally I'm happy to see this trend continue into the fall. Beautiful pottery, warm wood tones, and macrame wall hangings all evoke a sense of warmth and coziness that we want to feel all Autumn long.

Velvet. Woo hoo! I love me some velvet! I'm so glad that it's back again this fall. I actually wrote a whole post on this last year because I love velvet so much lol! Check it out for my top 10 ways to add it to your home.

Potted plants. The Jungalow style has swept the nation, and looks like it's going no where soon. And really, does anyone want to give up all their beautiful greenery? Plants are so welcoming and make a home feel lived in, which adds to that warm happy feeling when we're there.

I don't know about you, but these fall trends have me wanting to redecorate! Or schedule your free call with me today, and I can help you freshen up a space in your home!

What's your favorite fall decor trend? Comment below!

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