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Affordable Storage For Every Room

I don't know about you, but even though I live in a small house I can't seem to stop accumulating stuff! I swear I'm not a big shopper (although sometimes I do just need a good dose of retail therapy to make life bearable😂), but somehow I ended up with not one but two junk drawers in the kitchen. Ask my husband, he'll tell you all about it.😬

So, in honor of my fellow "collectors of stuff" out there (you know who you are🙋) I've put together a list of affordable storage for every room in your home. Have fun filling them up!

Bedroom. Since many of us love to put furniture at the foot of our beds, why not make it a beautiful bench with the added bonus of hidden storage. I love this upholstered bench from Wayfair. It comes in gray or blue (two of my favorite colors), and is a great price at just $161.99 plus free shipping. Fill it with extra blankets, pillows, or shoes you don't want your significant other to know you bought!😜

Kitchen. Kitchen organization can definitely get out of hand if there isn't adequate storage. Some of us don't have the luxury of owning a giant walk in pantry (let's all take a moment to mourn our misfortune😫, ok moving on), but IKEA as most of you know is the storage capital of the world! I love this pantry/organizer that only costs $135.96. What I love more is that it's supposedly easy to assemble, and requires no tools! That is a serious IKEA miracle!!!! Since it's not the most beautiful piece of furniture you'll ever own, pretty it up with baskets, jars and your nicest cook ware.

Entryway. Every entryway needs some organization or your front door could get buried behind shoes, jackets, book bags, and whatever else your family likes to shed as soon as they walk into the house. This piece from Target is perfect because it offers a place to hang stuff, or store it in a cute little basket. It also only costs $144.49 so yeah, win.😏

Living Room. Our living rooms often become the center of our homes, and therefore hold much of our stuff. If you find that you need more storage for games, crafts supplies, pet supplies, or really old mail (like what's in my storage chest🙈) then look no further than this console table from All Modern. I love how it's split into four shelves, and once you've crammed all of your junk inside you can just close those beautiful doors, and no one will ever know! I also love the price which is $139.99 plus free shipping.

Dining Room. I don't really have a lot of pretty dishes or serving trays that I need to store, but I do have a lot of booze.🤣 Not that we're big drinkers, but we do like to entertain so I feel a nice bar cart is a must! This one is from Wayfair, and only costs $135.99. I like that the doors are made of glass so if you have any pretty bottles you can display them. There's also a separate wine rack, and top where you can keep glasses for easy guest access.

Thanks for joining me today, and if you'd like some personalized help picking out some new storage pieces for your home, I'd be happy to work with you.😊

What are your favorite storage pieces? Comment below!

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