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Black Friday Living Room Refresh

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Well hello there! Hope you're all having a fantastic week so far. I know many of you are gearing up for all of those amazing Black Friday sales. Can you believe I have never ventured out on Black Friday? Are you gasping in shock or applauding my wise decision? LOL!

I do, however, love a good sale. I just prefer to take part from the safety and comfort of my own home. So, in honor of the homebodies out there and those that have decided to stay in doors this Friday, I have put together a mid century modern living room refresh using only Amazon Black Friday deals! Cue the astonishment! Yep, I'm pretty impressed myself. Enjoy!

Cost: Under 2k!!

You gotta love Amazon, right? If you would like personalized help refreshing a space in your home, schedule your free call with me today!

Which piece is your favorite? Comment Below!

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