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Rustic Chic Living Room

Hi there!

Just wanted to share the fun design I got to do for a busy family of four. Their living room is the place where everything happens in their home. It's where the girls do their homework, read, and work on crafts. It's also where they gather to play games, and cuddle up on the couch for movie night.

So how could this family get the function, storage, and design they desperately craved? Let's take a peek!

I started with designing a floor plan that would allow them to have separate spaces for each activity, but wouldn't cause the room to feel too tight or cluttered. They already had the sectional, so I put that in the middle of the room where they could enjoy both the television and fireplace. The coffee table has drawers for storing remotes, and other small items, and a bottom shelf where the girls can place some of their art supplies like paper and coloring books. They can also store some of their games there.

In order to keep the coffee table from getting colored or painted on, I found a small kid's farm table that works well as a crafts table. It's also a great place for them to do their homework, while keeping all of their assignments in one area!

For the reading nook, I opted for two chairs instead of a chaise. This way both girls have a place to stretch out and read. A large bookshelf allows them to keep their favorite stories nearby, and the accent table is a great landing place for drinks and snacks.

The client described her style as Rustic Chic, and I worked hard to give her just the right amount of both, while staying within the budget! In the end we were all very happy with how this Complete Room Design turned out!

If you would like help designing a beautiful, functional room in your home, please contact me😊.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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