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Girl's Bedroom

I'm so excited to share this Complete Room Package with you because it belongs to my oldest niece, who of course is one of my favorite girls in the whole world!

She's at the age where she's ready to have a room that's as mature as she is, but still a fun hang out for her and her friends. My inspiration for this space was this amazing bedroom from RH Teen. So beautiful!!👏🏻👏🏻

Since I was designing on a budget I shopped around quite a bit to find similar, quality pieces that would give her the look she wanted at a price her parents could afford. I started with the daybed, making sure it had a trundle for sleepovers. Getting rid of her full size bed opened up the room and made it feel more like a lounge where she could study, do homework, and watch tv. One nightstand was sufficient for her, and allowed me to add a floor lamp on the other side of the bed for extra lighting. The comfy bean bag chair gives her more seating, and creates a cool funky vibe.😎

The completed design made us all applaud.😁

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