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Gender Neutral Nursery/Bedroom

Welcome back to another Complete Room Design. This time I got to design the cutest gender neutral nursery. It did pose quite a challenge. Not only is the room small, but it also doubles as the couple's only guest room. To tackle the issues, I turned to my fail safe design plan.

If you've been following along you know that I work with a lot of small spaces. The easiest way to create the most space is to divide the room into the sections you want to use it for. Once the floor plan was drawn, I was able to decide how much space would go toward each use. Since the baby won't need much space to start, I began with the guest side, making sure there was enough room for a daybed and trundle, and side table. To save space, I went with sconces on either side of the bed instead of a floor lamp.

For the baby's side I had enough room for a crib and hanging chair, but not for the changing table/dresser the clients wanted. Fortunately, the closet had just enough room and it fit perfectly inside. A little boho flair finished off this sweet space for the proud first time parents to be.😊

Hope you enjoyed this Complete Room Design. If you would like help overhauling a space in your home, I'd be happy to work with you!

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