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How to Compromise in Interior Design

and Save Your Relationship

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Compromise. It's a word we as adults are very familiar with. A word we live everyday. Can you remember all of the compromises you've made today? Maybe you compromised for your boss, a friend, your children. Perhaps some were small compromises that didn't matter much, or maybe you made a large concession for someone and you're still not quite sure about it. Whatever the case, compromising is not something we can ignore...unless we want to end up completely alone!

If you share your home with a spouse you know it can be difficult to combine two different design aesthetics into one cohesive style. Compromise can play a big part in merging differing opinions, and keeping both parties happy and feeling content with their home.  

But what if your styles are polar opposites? How can you compromise without feeling like you live in someone else's home?

The first thing I recommend to clients when they're struggling to redecorate is to talk. Seems simple enough, but you'd be surprised how often one mate allows the other to make all of the choices then gets upset when the space is finished. Sitting down and discussing what each would like to get out of the design beforehand can save a lot of aggravation later. Before you head out to the furniture or home accessory store, make some coffee, look through a few design magazines together and get to know each other's likes and dislikes.

Once you're armed with knowledge decide where you each can compromise. Does one of you like bold bright rooms with lots of patterns, while the other prefers spaces that are more neutral and pared down? Perhaps you can compromise by keeping the paint and furnishings neutral, but incorporate some bold color in the accessories.

In our house the great design debate is always what to do about the giant black box that hangs on the wall. We both enjoy watching TV, but who wants it to be the focal point of the room? Why not compromise by designing around it with a gallery wall or even some fun wall paper?

Is your mate attached to a certain piece of furniture or artwork? Instead of arguing about it find out why they love it. There may be some sentimental value that can make it important to both of you. If you're both keeping certain pieces decide together where to place them so one person doesn't feel like their prized possessions are being hidden away in the corner.

Today's eclectic style lends itself to mixing all kinds of decor. So if you find yourself on the rustic side but your mate is more contemporary, combine the two. Some of the most beautiful spaces I've seen come from the marrying of two or more styles.

Remember, you fell in love with your mate because of who they are. Their individual sense of style is part of that. Instead of fighting against it learn to appreciate it. If you do, you'll end up with a home you both love.

If you would like some help redecorating a space in your home for you and your spouse then schedule your free call with me today!

How have you found a way to compromise when it comes to designing your home? Comment below!

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