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Cozy Up Your Home Even In Summer

If you're like me and live in an area that gets blazing hot in the spring and summer (think Mojave Desert that's just been hit by a sun burst!) then you know it can be difficult to keep your home feeling all cozy, and snuggly all year round. I know the last thing I want to do when I roll into the house drenched in sweat, and dying from heat exhaustion is wrap myself up in a fur throw on the sofa!

But most of us still want to feel that sense of comfort, and yes, coziness when we're in our inner sanctuary. So here are a few tips on how to up the snug factor while staying cool in your abode all summer long.

Light Weight Fabrics. While it is amazing to slide between those flannel sheets on a cold winter night, they may not bring you as much pleasure when they make you feel like you're sliding into an oven. Living Fresh makes bed sheets that are made from Eucalyptus fibers that "literally cool you as you sleep and are known to get softer with every wash; creating the feeling of sleeping on an amazing hotel bed during vacation." Sounds pretty cozy to me😏.

Pillows. We all know pillows are key to making our homes feel soft and comfy, but the darker, heavier fabrics we may use in Winter can be a bit stifling when the sun is shining through our windows. Try switching them out for lighter patterns, maybe even adding the pop of pink that's so in right now. Love this Kilim from Urban Outfitters.

Layer Rugs. Layering rugs is easier than you may think, and can keep your home feeling cozy all year long. Start with a neutral colored rug like a natural fiber, and add a smaller rug on top. For spring and summer I like to go with something thin with a lot of color, a fun pattern, or a hide. This cow hide is from Amazon and retails for $135.00 plus free shipping. Win!

Plants. Potted and hanging plants are a great way to give your space that homey look, while you get to reap all of the health benefits they provide. If you're not sure if your thumb is more black than green try plants that are low maintenance like Aloe, Snake, and Pothos.

Summer Scents. Switch out those cinnamon and pine scented candles for something a little more citrusy, floral, or earthy. Catbird's Rooftop Saturday sounds amazing with hints of orange blossom, gin fiz, and bergamot. Yum!

Hopefully these tips can help you have a comfy, cushy home all year round, but if you'd like some personalized help making your space that cozy relaxing retreat we all crave, please reach out to me😊.

What's your favorite way to cozy up your space? Share in the comments below!

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