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Decorate for Fall and Winter with Nature

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Who doesn't love fall and winter? Just the thought of sipping hot chocolate (or a hot toddy😉) next to a roaring fire all snuggled up with my hubby and fur babies makes me so happy!

Something else that makes me happy this time of year is bringing the outdoors in when I'm decorating, so I'm going to share some easy ways to do that with things you may have right outside your front door.

Leaves. In many areas the leaves have begun to turn beautiful shades of orange, red and gold; perfect colors to add to your decor. Use them as part of your table setting or centerpiece. You can also bring in a few branches and place them on your mantle.

I love how my friend Mary Ann @graceinthisspace used fall leaves in her tablescape. Her styling is perfect!

Branches. Once the leaves fall from the branches you can still use them. Hang them above your headboard or place them in a large vase on the floor to bring in some texture.

Cotton Stems. Ok, you may not have these right outside your front door, but you can purchase them in most home decor shops or online inexpensively. Place them in a cute pitcher or vase.

This pretty vignette is from my friend Ellen @ellenblisshome. She always does such an amazing job!

Pine Cones and Acorns. I love using these because they're so versatile. Put them in a decorative bowl, sprinkle them along a garland, or add them to a jar with some cinnamon sticks to make your home smell yummy!

Photo: Pinterest

Wheat. I happen to be allergic to wheat, but I still think it looks beautiful in a glass canister or vase like the one here from Better Homes and Gardens.😄 You can even combine a couple of these ideas for the ultimate display.


Have I inspired you to go rummaging around your yard or nearby field for some new decor items? Good! While you're out there take a minute to breathe in that fresh cool air, and relax a little. Before you know it the season will be gone so enjoy it while you can. If you would like help refreshing a space in your home for fall and winter then schedule your free call with me today!

What's your favorite way to decorate with nature? Comment below!

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