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How To Update Your Rental Bathroom

What's even scarier than a rental kitchen? The typical rental bathroom😳. So is there any way to actually make your rented bathroom a place you want to spend time?

Happily, yes. Read on for a few tips to make that icky space a delightful retreat.

Clean It! I know this seems to go without saying, but scrubbing the floors, tub, toilet and sink can make you feel a little less like you have to wear a hazmat suit when entering. While you're at it replace the toilet seat! Try to match it to the best of your ability, but if you can't, just get one that's comfy and looks nice and your landlord most likely won't care. He may even thank you!😜

Splurge on Towels and Accessories. The easiest way to add a spa like feel to your bathroom is to fill it with soft towels, a pretty shower curtain, clean smelling soaps and candles. Bath and Body Works' scent Eucalyptus Mint is perfect for the bathroom!

Make Some Cosmetic Changes. You may have to ask your landlord for permission first, but changing out the shower head or even the vanity lighting can make a world of difference when showering or putting on makeup. Keep the originals so you can put them back before you move out.

Cover the Walls. If you're allowed to paint great! Choose a color that will be soothing and help you to relax after a long day. If you can't paint add some color and personality with artwork. If you're on a budget Etsy has some amazing prints you can purchase and print out. If you get them in standard sizes you can easily frame them yourself. Buy a few and create a gallery wall.

Cover the Floors. You can't choose your floors when renting, but you can decide how to cover them. Buy a plush rug that keeps your feet warm in the morning, or if you're ready to tackle something more challenging and don't mind investing some cash, ask your landlord if you can replace it. My husband and I did some new flooring in an apartment we rented (with permission of course!) and our landlord took it off the rent!

Get the marble look with these simple to install peel and stick tiles from Home Depot!

Work With What You've Got. Instead of stressing over an ugly vanity that you can't change, work with it! Add some funky knobs to give it a little character. These knobs from Anthropologie are guaranteed to make you smile every time you open a drawer😃

Hope these ideas help if you're dealing with a rental bathroom disaster, and if you'd like help updating your home I'd be happy to work with you.

What have you done to make your bathroom a favorite place in your home? Comment below!

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