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Interior Design Trends, Should You Care About Them?

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Since it’s a new year there’s been some buzz on social media about design trends, where they’re headed in 2020 and if we should even care. But what is a trend, and should we ever allow them to dictate how we decorate our homes?


Simply defined, a trend is what’s popular at any given moment. If you scroll Pinterest right now you’ll see a lot of natural textures, vintage pieces, accent walls, plants, open shelving, and all white everything. While these trends create a lot of beautiful pics to pin, are they worth the time and expense if they’re only going to become outdated once the trend is over?

Maybe, maybe not.

The first time I saw someone color block their wall I might have actually swooned. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I can remember staring at that photo and being seized by an urgent need to grab a brush, and paint a thick blush stripe on my wall! I even walked around the house looking for the perfect photo op to add the splash of color to. That may sound crazy, but it seemed like every pic in my feed was of this newest trend, and I was itching to jump on the color blocking bandwagon.

Well, which wall did I paint? None of them. But why?

Fear. Fear that I would get tired of it too quickly, and have to repaint it (ugh)! As much as I obsessed over those beautiful pictures, I decided I didn’t love it enough to put in the time and effort to do it. Now, months later I still appreciate a perfectly color blocked wall or door, but I’m glad I didn’t take the plunge.

The point is this: If you choose to do something in your space just to keep up with what’s trending right now, you run the risk of tiring of it quickly, and never being content with your home.

Does that mean that all trends are bad? Not necessarily.

Soon after my color blocking obsession was over I began to see the most beautiful board and batten bedroom accent walls pop up, and that was it. I had to have one. At least a version of it anyway. I immediately created a design and convinced my husband to do all the work lol.

What was the difference? This time there was no fear. I don’t care if the trend passes. I love my wall, and want to live with it for a long time.

It’s impossible to keep up with the rapid changes in design, and who really wants to? Our home should be full of things that make us happy, a collection of meaningful pieces, not a bunch of stuff that someone else tells us is cool and popular.

But sometimes those meaningful pieces do come from what’s trending. We see something and just know it will be perfect for our home, and that we'll enjoy it whether it's "in" or not. In that way trends can serve as great inspiration, and don't we all need to feel inspired sometimes?

So, should you care about interior design trends? If you're looking for some beautiful inspiration or a design direction to start in, then the answer could be yes. But if you're just trying to keep up with the latest perfect square blowing up your Instagram feed, then perhaps it's time to put down your phone and the paint brush, and take a moment to appreciate your space the way it is now. You may find that it really doesn't need those open shelves, pampas grass, barn doors, or vintage buffet to feel like home after all.

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