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Kitchen Island Style

Fun Tile Ideas

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Hi everyone! This week I'm rounding up my favorite ideas for tiling your kitchen island. Why, you ask? Because my husband has jumped on board with tiling the back of ours (to see it check out my Instagram), and I need some good inspiration. Actually, I need great inspiration which is what I'm bringing you today!

I love all of these ideas, and that's making it hard to decide if I want to go bold or more neutral. I'm leaning toward neutral because right now our granite countertops are on the busy side, but I'm hoping we'll be changing those puppies soon enough. Here's the list of my favorites (where possible I've linked the tile), so be sure to weigh in with your opinion in the comments!

First up, this light blue beauty. I love how this subtle pattern really pops against the white countertops, and natural wood cabinets. Unfortunately I don't know where the tile is from.

Next, be wowed by this eye catching black and white design. Again, I love how the natural wood contrasts with the boldness in the pattern and keeps it from being too overwhelming. I found similar tile at Avente Tile.

Source: Consort

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous kitchen and all of its neutral perfection. I love the clean look of the white subway tile and concrete counters, but without this fabulous bit of color it would have suffered from the blahs.

I love the geometric look of this pretty gray tile. It gives this craftsman's style kitchen a contemporary flare.

Source: Pinterest

How awesome is this pop of color? The jewel tone variation in the tile is stunning. This would look amazing in a home over looking the Mediterranean Sea, don't ya think?

Source: Pinterest

This large geometric tile from Cement Tile Shop makes such a huge impact! I love the deep navy color, and how it just pops off that white Island.

This tile is probably my favorite on the list, and of course it's in a design by Amber Interiors who has the most impeccable taste! I'm pretty sure you can find it here.

Who doesn't love a good fishtail? I know I do, and this one is gorgeous! The sea greens and blues are so calming, and make me want to drop everything to go hang out on the beach. You can find similar tile here.

Source: Domino

And finally, a pretty neutral arabesque option. I'm thinking something like this would work in my kitchen. Find it here.

Source: Pinterest

So, what do you think? Tile the island? Don't tile the island? Go bold? Stay neutral? Let me know in the comments below.

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