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Personalizing a Spec Home


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Hi Guys! Today, it's all about lighting. Again. Yes, I know there've been a few posts about this subject, but that's because it's so important!

New lighting can change the entire look of your space, and if you shop around, you can find beautiful fixtures at great prices. Or you can just read this post, because I've already done a lot of shopping around and have found some favorite sites that I'm happy to pass onto you.

First up is Light Society. Although their selection isn't huge, their fixtures are lovely. I found this one for my dining room after another chandelier I was chasing sold out, and I love it. It goes with the brass and black theme I have going on, and it's only $98. Seriously. I know it's called a kitchen island pendant, but it fits over my 6 ft table perfectly.

Here it is in my space. A little bit of it anyway lol.

Next, let's talk about Overstock. I know, they're on every shopaholic's list of favorite online stores, but did you know that they have amazing sales on all of their lighting pretty regularly? And you'll be happy to know that it's not just cheap light fixtures they sell, but quality. I searched all over for an affordable bubble chandelier to go over my bathtub, and finally found one (you guessed it) right here. I love feeling like I'm completely surrounded by bubbles while I'm soaking in the tub lol!

If you're looking for an endless warehouse lighting site, look no further than Lamp's Plus. They have everything including this light I chose for my foyer. What I really love about Lamps Plus is that they also offer budget friendly lighting on their Lamps Plus Open Box site, so if you're in need of some serious discounts check them out!

Here's how it looks in my foyer. Love it!

For outdoor lighting I went to Shades of Light. Not only do they have a great selection to choose from, but they have more than just lighting. They also have some pretty fabulous home decor from a lot of favorite designers. You can go to their Inspiration tab to see all they have to offer. This is the porch light I chose along with the matching sconces to go next to the garage.

I'm going to stop there, but I could probably go on forever. We have now changed out every single light fixture in our spec home, and it definitely feels more like a custom home. And if you're wondering what we did with all of our old fixtures, my husband put them on Letgo. Someone is here picking them up as I type this! Not even joking!

Hope this helps narrow down your search if you're looking for lighting, and if you would like help with the search, schedule your free call with me today!

Who's your go-to lighting source? Comment Below!

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