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New Updates for a New Year

Living Room

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I’m back with more simple, budget friendly updates to freshen up your space. This time I’m focusing on the living room. They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, and that may be true, but our living rooms get a lot of use too! Think family movie nights, casual dinners on the sofa, get togethers with friends; all of these fun activities can wear out our furnishings and interest in our accessories.😉 So today, I’m sharing some easy ways to refresh your room while keeping an affordable budget in mind.

If your sofa is making you feel uninspired, there are a couple of ways to update it without chucking it and starting over. In my last post (about updating your master bedroom) I mentioned new throw pillows, and this would certainly work to refresh your tired sofa as well. Another way to give it a whole new look is by adding a slip cover. I know you may be rolling your eyes right now, but believe me when I say sofa slip covers have come a long way! In fact, this one from Overstock is streamlined and comes in a variety of colors. Of course you’ll want to measure your sofa before you order.

A new rug is a great way to change up your space. If you’re uncomfortable with pattern, try a natural fiber like jute. World Market has a fabulous selection of natural rugs, but if your budget doesn’t allow for something new, try shopping other rooms in your home. You’d be surprised how simply swapping out a couple of rugs can give your room new appeal.

A plant or two can definitely liven up your space. If you’re tired of the Fiddle Leaf or if your thumb is a little on the brown side (like mine), try something easy like a Philodendron or Snake plant. Or you can do what I did, and buy a fake tree. (Don’t judge me! It was the only way to protect those innocent little plants from certain death!) If you do decide to go that route make sure it’s not a horrible fake. A plastic tree that looks like a plastic tree will not add anything to your living room.😝

Pick up a nice tray to organize the remotes on your coffee table. Add a couple of books and a candle, and Voila! It will look professionally styled. I love this one from Magnolia’s Hearth and Hand collection. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s large enough to hold all of my husband’s remotes and our glasses of wine during Friday night date nights at home.😉

Source: Target

A large basket can add some nice texture, and give you a place to store throw blankets. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen this one from Pottery Barn in my living room (it’s my favorite!), and you know it’s covered in little puppy teeth marks! Fortunately it’s well made, and has withstood a year’s worth of chewing.👍🏻

Finally, If you have zero budget that’s ok! It doesn’t cost any money to move your furniture around, and you may discover that a better floor plan was all you needed to be happy in the first place.

If you would like help refreshing a space in your home, schedule your free call with me today!

How have you updated your living room on a budget? Comment below!

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