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10 Ways To Add Velvet To Your Decor

Happy October! I seriously think this is my favorite month of the year. I'm not quite sure why since in Florida we have no brisk weather or changing leaves happening. Maybe it's because I know somewhere right now the foliage is starting to turn orange and red, and pumpkin spice has again taken over the entire world. Leaves are crunching under cute boots, and the smell of wood burning fireplaces is filling the air. Ahhhhhhh.....

Ok, maybe I'm getting a little carried away. But that's how Hallmark portrays October in all of their fall movies so it must be true. Right?? Because we know Hallmark never lies!😝

Anyway, even though it's still 80 degrees outside I'm dying to start pulling out the winter textiles, and my favorite right now is velvet! I'm sure you've seen all the yummy pics on IG and Pinterest full of soft crushed velvet sofas and throws. Maybe you've even been thinking about adding it to your decor this season, but are unsure where to start. Fear not! I have a whole list of swoon-worthy goodies for you. So grab that pumpkin spiced latte, or pumpkin spiced donut or- well you get the idea, and enjoy!

In case you're a little nervous about going too velvety too fast, I've got you covered. This runner is the perfect way to change up your tablescape, and gives you just enough velvet inside those super cute pumpkins! Add a fall centerpiece and voila! It's time to have that dinner party you've been dreaming about.😉

Since we're talking about cute pumpkins, I have to include the absolutely adorable velvet ones I've been seeing all over social media! I love their versatility. Place them anywhere you want to create a perfect fall vignette.

Are you guys loving the round accent pillows that have been taking over lately? Me too! Especially these from Urban Outfitters. Great color choices!

If you live in an area that gets cold enough to make you want to snuggle under your comforter all day, then this velvet bedding from Pottery Barn is for you. Love all the ruching and that fabulous gray color!

While you're at it why not go all out and get a velvet headboard?😃

Then there's my go to way to add texture to any room: a silky soft cozy throw blanket! And this hunter green color is pure perfection!

But why stop there? You can add your velvet hunter green throw to your velvet hunter green sofa!

Ok, maybe that's a bit much. Besides I think the sofa is actually grass green😂. But isn't this all kinds of beautiful green amazingness?

Now moving on to this matching set of velvety orchid heaven.

Throw in these floor pillows and your living room could look like a velvet explosion!

And my final suggestion? Drum roll please! These lovely chairs from West Elm. Add even more pizazz to your dining table by doing a mix and match.

Feeling inspired to add some velvet to your space, but would like some help narrowing down all of the choices? Then schedule your free call with me today.

What’s your favorite piece? Comment below!

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