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Wallpaper? Yes Please!

Fun Ways to Use That Pretty Paper

I've been having a wallpaper love affair for a while now, and have been itching to add some to my guest bedroom. (You'll see my choice below😊). I'll definitely be sharing the finished project, but until it's done I've rounded up a few of my favorite ways to incorporate some gorgeous paper into your own home.

Entire Room. This may not be your first choice if you're new to the whole wallpaper scene, but an entire room done in a stylish pattern can be amazing!! Of course you want to consider the space as a whole before deciding to go calm or loud. I would definitely suggest going calm if you're room already has a lot of color, but if your decor is neutral you could make a big statement with the right paper!

Source: Ideal Home

Backsplah. I love this idea if you don't have a big budget for kitchen updates, but want to add something fun or bold above the countertops. Keep in mind the heat from your stove or water from your faucet could damage the paper if it's not resistant, so either apply the backsplash where it will be protected or choose a paper that can withstand both, like this wallpaper from Behang Fabriek. They're a company out of the Netherlands that makes wallpaper that's not only heat and water resistant, but also removable. Great for renters!👍🏻

Bathroom. This is what started my wallpaper addiction. When we bought our house we did the necessary remodeling, but didn't have the funds to completely update our master bath. Since I've always loved grasscloth I decided to have all the walls papered with a neutral tone to give the overall blandness a punch. I love how it turned out! I do caution parents with small children, because grasscloth IS NOT waterproof, so if your little ones like to splash around in the tub this may not be the paper for you.🙈

Source: Grasscloth Wallpaper

Cabinets and Bookshelves. If you really want to start small you can add some pretty paper to the backs of your cabinets or bookshelves. There are a ton of examples of this on Pinterest and Instagram to get your creative juices flowing.

Source: Cymun Designs

Accent Wall. This one's easy. Just pick the wall that you want to be the focus of your room, and add some gorgeous paper! Voila!

source: CB2

If you're still on the shiplap band wagon (thanks, Joanna!🙋) how about just peeling and sticking it to your wall? Target carries this textured paper and it's also removable.

Here's the wallpaper I chose for my guest bedroom from Chasing Paper

Love how cheerful it is, and it's-you guessed it-removable! So no biggie if I want to change it. Here's an idea of what it will look like in my guest room

Can you see why I'm in love with wallpaper?? If you'd like to join my obsession, but need some personalized advice, I'm here to help!

How have you used wallpaper in your home? Comment below!

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