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Five Ways To Get Your Spare Bedroom Guest Ready That Will Cost You Nothing

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Do you get as many guests as I do? Sometimes I feel like I turn them out faster than our local Hilton!

But I wouldn't have it any other way, and I love that so many friends and family members want to come visit us. Or maybe they just want to go to the beach lol. Either way, I've figured out how to get my guest room ready for company without any hassles, and today I'm sharing my top five tips.

The best part? They cost nothing!

Wash your bedding as close to the arrival date of your guests as possible. I always sleep better when the sheets are nice and soft, and smelling fresh. If you're going to have back to back company, make sure to have an extra set handy so it's an easy quick change. I also re-wash the towels and washcloths if they haven't been used in a while.

Minimize the clutter. Sometimes my guest room can become a catch-all, so before guests arrive I make sure the nightstands are cleared off, and there's room in the closet for hanging clothes.

Download and print out things to do in your area so your guests have the info when they're ready to go exploring. Print out several copies so you always have one on hand, or laminate one for a more permanent solution. Place it on the bed or in the nightstand for easy access.

While you're at it, print out a list of instructions for using the alarm (if you have one) and how to connect to the wifi. You can also add parking guidelines or other practical things they need to know. Print it out on some pretty paper, frame it, and put it on the nightstand so they'll be sure to see it.

Finally, leave out a couple of water bottles so your guests don't have to ask. If you have a coffee bar in the room make sure it's stocked and ready to go.

And that's it. With just a little bit of time and thoughtfulness you can make your guests feel so comfortable they may never want to leave. Ha ha, just kidding. No one wants that!

If you would like help refreshing your guest room or any other space in your home, schedule your free call with me today!

What are your favorite guest ready tips? Comment below!

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