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Eclectic Living/Dining Room

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Sometimes you get a client that shares your design aesthetic and that makes it easy to design their space. But sometimes you get a client that challenges every design choice you've ever made, and makes you sweat as soon as you hit the send button on their mood boards. That was my latest client!

During our initial phone consultation she told me that she hates white, gray, black, and tan. If you follow me on Instagram then you know she basically just dissed my entire house. I'm not one to take offense of course, so I just listened as she described her design preference as colorful, eclectic, and grandma-ish lol!! It was at that point that I knew even though I was going to have to go way way outside of my comfort zone, I was going to enjoy working with her.

She recently relocated for work, and bought a small condo that needed some updating. She reached out to me to design her living room, and turn her dining room into an office/study. Her wants included lots of color, an accent wall, and some fun patterns. Initially she told me she wanted mostly yellows and greens, but I noticed from her inspiration photos that she definitely had an affinity toward pink. I decided to use that as an accent color.

Even though the condo is small there was enough space to have a couple of seating arrangements in the living room, and a reading area and desk in the dining room. Below is the floor plan we decided on.

Next, I went to work designing what I hoped would be a space she found inspiring. Since pastel yellow is a favorite color I chose BEHR Flashpoint for the main walls. For the accent wall I gave her a couple of options and let her decide. I also chose colorful furniture to keep the eclectic vibe going. Below are the living room mood boards I created for her to choose from.

Can you guess which one she chose? Keep reading to find out!

The next mood board is for the dining room. Since she is using her existing club chair I chose some fabric options for reupholstering it.

Once she made her final choices I put together a couple of renderings so she could get a good idea of what her space will look like when it's completed. Here is the final design plan.

Even though initially this project made me a little nervous, what I appreciate most about it is that it reminded me why I began designing for other people: To create a space where they feel comfortable and happy. 

If you would like help designing a space in your home, schedule your free call with me today!

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