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Dressing/Guest Room

I'm back with another Complete Room Design. This time my client was a successful, single, young woman that wanted to make over her second bedroom. The wish list consisted of a place where she could get ready, work that wasn't too "officy", and have guests stay the night. Sound like too much for a small room to handle?

Nope! Read on for how we made those wishes come true while staying within the budget.

For the floor plan I decided to halve the room. On one side I created a dressing area that consisted of a vanity (that she already had), and storage where she could keep all of her make up and hair products; on the other, a place to work and where guests could also sleep.

To do this and keep the room from feeling too cluttered, I opted for a convertible sofa instead of a bed. In a small room it's important to have furniture that can do double-duty. The sofa gives her a place to work, but will also fold down for company. I also went for an ottoman, instead of a table, that can be used as a comfy foot rest, or a nightstand when needed.

The client described her style as "Sophisticated Glam". She wanted her space to be romantic, without being excessively "girly". To achieve this, we chose fabrics with soft textures, and a light color scheme that included pink and gray. To give it a punch, and a more mature look, I added pops of navy. A cowhide, and large piece of art complete the look.

The result is a beautiful, feminine room that she and her guests can enjoy for a long time to come!

Would you like help designing a space in your home? If so, please contact me. I'd love to work with you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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