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Five Ways to Love Your Home Again

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Is it still the dead of winter where you are? Have you been stuck inside so long you're becoming agoraphobic? Or maybe you're feeling the exact opposite, and have grown to hate your home so much that the mere thought of being trapped inside for one more second sends you into a panic attack!

Unfortunately we can't grab spring by its warm green behind and drag it over our cold, dreary winter sky, but we can change our perspective a little bit. For an introvert like me being stuck indoors through no fault of my own is a dream come true, but I recognize that for others being homebound can cause a little stir craziness.

So how about channeling all that anxious energy into making your home a place you love to be again? Read on to see how.

Clean. Ok, I know what you're thinking. This is probably something you do everyday. But what about the deeper cleaning? Think spring cleaning, but getting it done before you want to spend all of your time outdoors. Baseboards, cabinets, windows (at least the insides), are typically things we put off throughout the year, but being trapped with no place to go is the perfect opportunity to get them done. Put on your favorite jam and go to town. I always feel like I can breathe better when the house is squeaky clean.

Add some plants. And I mean real plants. Having something green nearby can absolutely lift your mood, and remind you that warmer weather is on the way. If you can't get out to buy them you can order them online from sites like The Sill.

Try some peel and stick wallpaper. Yeah I know this one requires some skill, but there are tons of how to videos on You Tube, and peel and stick wallpaper is a bit easier to install. Try an ombre mural on a wall in your dining room or bedroom like this one from Store Envy. Not only is it removable, you can also customize the size.

Marie Kondo it. I bet you know exactly what I mean. Seriously, lets just replace the word organize with her name in the dictionary. The best part about doing this is you can binge watch her show on Netflix before tackling your organizationally challenged spaces. And who doesn't love a good binge watch session? Especially when it's minus 1000 degrees outside.

Rearrange your furniture. There's nothing like free shopping, and shopping your home doesn't cost a dime! How about trying your end tables as nightstands? Or moving the bench that's never used from the foot of your bed to the entryway? Not only will this freshen your space, but after binge watching Tidying Up you'll need the exercise.

So what do you think? Ready to give a couple of these a try and start loving your home again? Let me know which ones you choose! If you would like help refreshing a space in your home, schedule your free call with me today!

What's one way you've made your home feel brand new? Comment below!

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