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Four Mantle Styles to Cozy Up to This Fall

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With the way my mind has been stuck on pumpkin spice everything, snuggling on the sofa with some hot chocolate, and cozying up to a nice warm fire you would think fall had officially come to Florida. But no, it's still roasty toasty down here. Since some of you are enjoying the cooler temps I thought I'd share some different mantle styles to hang over that crackling fire you're sitting next to.

Traditional. This style is typically on the larger heavier side, and built into the fireplace surround. Think English cottage, craftsman, or colonial home. I love this classic white mantle from Park and Oak Interior Design.

Rustic. This, of course is my favorite mantle style. I love the character an old beam can add to any space. It's also extremely versatile, and can be used with pretty much any style, from cabin to Scandinavian. If you're in the market for a rustic mantle check your local salvage shops. Or you can DIY one like Remodelaholic!

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Contemporary. When I think of this type of mantle I envison one that's simple and elegant with classic straight lines, much like this beauty that I found on Pinterest, but sadly have no idea who to credit it to.

Modern. Ok, I know that many modern fireplaces do not have mantles, but if you've just got to have one go for one that's sleek and sophisticated. I love how this plain wooden mantle is hung asymmetrically giving it a unique modern look.

Photo via: Decorilla

Feeling inspired to spend an evening relaxing by a glowing flame? Me too! If you would like help selecting a mantle to hang over your perfect fall fire, schedule your free call with me today!

Which style is your favorite? Comment below!

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