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How to Mix and Match Your Dining Chairs

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How do you feel about mixing dining chairs? Do you prefer a matching set, or is your style more eclectic? If you fall into the latter category I've got some tips and inspo for you today!

if you've got limited space, you may want to go with bench seating on the side and chairs at the head. For my dining room I paired a farmhouse table with sleek Scandinavian chairs. If you want to stay within the farmhouse style you could add upholstered chairs.

If you really want to achieve the eclectic vibe choose all different chairs, but keep them the same color. If you're working with a budget you could shop Craigslist or thrift stores for chairs that are roughly the same size then spray paint them all the same color.

If you're not ready to go all different, but want to spice it up a bit try an upholstered bench on one side and matching chairs for the rest of the table.

Pair ghost side chairs with heavier upholstered head chairs to minimize the visual weight of your space. This tricks the eye into thinking the space is bigger and more open.

Finally , for all of you lovers of color out there why not get the same chair but in different hues? That way the style remains cohesive, but you still achieve the wow factor.

If you would like help designing your dining room, schedule your free call with me today!

What's your favorite way to mix it up in the dining room? Comment below!

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