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I was always one of those people who said, "When I become a mom I will never have a pile of toys in my living room! That's what bedrooms are for..." (Insert hysterical laughing emoji here.) At this point I don't care if he drags his entire nursery into the living room as long as he's happy and distracted so mama can get stuff done. It is kind of embarrassing though when guests have to step over blocks, cars, and learning games to get to the sofa, so I'm thinking it's time to come up with a storage solution.

Eventually I'd like to keep them in our tv console, but I'm not ready for him to learn that those doors slide open yet. The thought of listening to them bang open and closed a thousand times a day sets my teeth on edge. So right now we'll just pick something nice and quiet for him to dig around in.

First up, this toy bin from All Modern. I love the mid century design. We could definitely hide a bunch of stuff inside, but he may need to be a little taller to fully access it.

How about building a bench with storage underneath? This is a great idea for inquisitive little ones. I bet they'd love to push and pull these cubbies in and out all day long lol.

For existing shelving units adding these inexpensive boxes from Ikea is a great way to multiply storage, especially in a smaller space. They come in all kinds of colors for all different styles.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I've added a simple basket temporarily. This is a great solution if you want something you can tuck out of sight when guests come over.

My absolute favorite storage though is this Ikea hack! These are the Ivar cabinets painted and attached to the wall. If you've been thinking about trying some color blocking, but are nervous about committing to a big project (like an accent wall) this might be a good place to start.

If you would like help finding storage solutions for your space, schedule your free call with me today!

Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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