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Furnish Your Patio With Target and Amazon Goods

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"I'm baaaacccckkkkk!!" I'm pretty sure that's how summer is announcing its return across the country right now, especially after the brutal winter that seemed to hang on forever. When I close my eyes I imagine summer strutting down the red carpet wearing cool shades while flashing a thumbs up at adoring fans and paparazzi. Yes I have an overactive imagination, but doesn't it seem like the sun should win an award for its triumphal return or something?

Just me? Ok, moving on.

Since there are probably a lot of patio refreshes and redesigns going on right now, I thought I'd lend a hand and put together a patio design that's sure to make you want to spend all summer outside. The good news? You can get every item from Target and Amazon. The better news? The total cost is under $1500!

The bad news? Now I want to redecorate my patio.

If you would like help refreshing a space in your home, schedule your free call with me today!

What's your favorite part of this patio design? Comment below!

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